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  • Instruction
404 page design: interesting examples, checklist, and template for technical requirements to read
In this article, we will tell you why it is worth making a unique 404 page for the site and how to design it in a right way. Also, you (...)
  • Checklist
SEO Checklists from Traffic-hunters.com to read
We have already created many helpful SEO checklists which are utilized by both professionals and amateurs alike.  To make it easier for you to work with these documents, we've put (...)
  • Case study
Non-standard SEO growth point: on-site search analytics to read
In this article, I will demonstrate how to build an additional SEO strategy using the example of one of our client's websites. Through data analysis, you can find out what (...)
  • Case study
How to index a website on Google and increase visibility: an experience using the Google Indexing API with examples to read
This article delves into the details of how we indexed a website on Google in 10 days (more than 30,000 pages) using the Google Indexing API. Of course, we’ve worked (...)