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YMYL Ranking Factors Audit

Pages that could have an impact on users' well-being and safety are labeled "Your Money - Your Life." This expression comes from the Google Assessors' Guidelines.

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YMYL Audit: What Does It Do?

Search Engine Trust
  • Search engines consider a multitude of factors that show the resource's expertise, authority and trust (E-A-T) when ranking sites that cover business, medicine, and other YMYL-related topics. Our team has had plenty of hands-on experience with these types of signals from years of work within Google Assessor Guidelines, so we can help you develop an effective site strategy.
User Trust
  • Search engine creators considered the interests of real users when making decisions about what signs would point to a site's reliability and security. With this in mind, by including information like a privacy policy or security certificate on your site, you are both increasing your trust level and also improving how search engines perceive it.
The totality of the information on your pages
  • There are many things to consider when putting together a website, it's impossible to keep track of all of them at once. Be assured that by following our recommendations, readers will spend less time scanning through irrelevant information and more time reading engaging content that is relevant and helpful. This leads to an easier-to-navigate site, and one with more substance.


Ant-Team.ru Team

details about us
Alexander Chepukaitis
Head of digital agency
Kirill Agafonov
SEO Specialist
Anastasia Stasyuk
Alina Shiryaeva
Head of SEO Department
Dmitry Mazurkevich
SEO Specialist
Alexander Tibabishchev
Head of PBN Department
Anastasia Ponomareva
SEO Specialist
Anna Fesenko
SEO Specialist, PBN Expert
Anna Chechkova
Head of Analytics Department
Victoria Bondar
Denis Meshcheryakov
Head of SEO Department
Elena Volkova
SEO specialist
Irina Alyokhina
SEO specialist
Sergei Kondratov
Head of SEO Department
Sergey Kurzanov
Video Production Manager
Tatiana Kozyreva
SEO specialist
Timur Mursalimov
SEO specialist

Who Performs the Audit?

Senior SEO Specialist
Offers solutions to unique problems, investigates potential errors that don't fit standard checklists, and identifies critical elements of website optimization.
Project Manager
Plans and coordinates team efforts while setting the course or vector for the development of the project, selects competitors, and performs the part of the audit that requires a thinking-outside-the-box strategy.
Junior SEO Specialist
Prepares and collects standard comparison parameters, conducts research, and prepares and collates all files for the final package.
Editor, Copywriters, and Content Managers.
Helps edit, revise, organize and publish valuable information based on the findings of the YMYL audit.

Operating Procedure

Submit Application
Sign Contract and Make Payment
YMYL Audit Done
Audit Report Made

Why us?

We are highly familiar with Google's SEO manual and the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines which contain information on the criteria for evaluating YMYL pages.
We have conducted and published several YMYL-factors studies in various industry sectors.
We've created YMYL-audit checklists for online shopping and service sites.
We got great results and ready-made solutions after working through the YMYL factors on our previous clients' sites.

Case Studies

  • Client 1
  • Client 2
  • Examined our client's and competitors' websites (Region - Austria, language - German)
  • 34 recommendations were prepared for the entire site.
  • More than 20 recommendations were implemented, with the remainder still in the process of being implemented.
  • We examined our client's and competitors' websites.
  • 29 recommendations were prepared for the entire site.
  • We've implemented about 20 of these, and the rest are in the works.



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