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Ant-Team.ru Team

details about us
Alexander Chepukaitis
Head of digital agency
Kirill Agafonov
SEO Specialist
Anastasia Stasyuk
Alina Shiryaeva
Head of SEO Department
Dmitry Mazurkevich
SEO Specialist
Alexander Tibabishchev
Head of PBN Department
Anastasia Ponomareva
SEO Specialist
Anna Fesenko
SEO Specialist, PBN Expert
Anna Chechkova
Head of Analytics Department
Victoria Bondar
Denis Meshcheryakov
Head of SEO Department
Elena Volkova
SEO specialist
Irina Alyokhina
SEO specialist
Sergei Kondratov
Head of SEO Department
Sergey Kurzanov
Video Production Manager
Tatiana Kozyreva
SEO specialist
Timur Mursalimov
SEO specialist

Our Benefits

We bring websites to the top of Google for over 13 years
A comprehensive approach to SEO
Customized solutions for each client
Proven and safe SEO schemes
The most modern methods and knowledge (YMYL, E-A-T, etc.)
Regular and clear reports
Accessing our CRM
Our experts are always available



  • Work with infotraffic
    • YMYL blog audit and terms of reference for design revision
    • Analysis of competitor infotraffic
    • Collection of infosemantics
    • Terms of reference for infostories
    • Writing and posting articles on the blog
  • Content work
    • Copywriting
    • Content placement
    • Creation of landing pages with the help of SEO-filter
  • Snippet
    • Microdata
    • Data feed
  • Working with reputation
    • Posting information about the company on third-party resources
    • Reviews on our website
    • Monthly publication of news on the website
  • Regional ranking
    • Regional directories and maps
    • Regional subdomains - robots.txt and sitemap
    • Regional subfolders:
      • Regional pages generation
      • robots.txt and sitemap
  • Analytics
    • Seowork
    • Customizing Targets
    • Google Analytics, CTR, Google Search Console
    • Competitor analysis and search for growth points
    • Check problems with indexation
    • Making work plan for the week, month, quarter
  • Link Factors
    • Link Buying
    • Analyzing the reference profile of competitors
    • Getting links to other resources
    • Internal Linking on the website
  • Semantics
    • Classic semantic core collection
    • Competitor Semantics
    • Intersection Generation and Base Frequency Collection
    • Superficial Semantics Gathering
  • Technical Factors
    • Technical Audit
    • Dealing with current bugs on the website
  • YMYL factors
    • YMYL audit
    • Terms of reference for the design of individual landing pages or template pages
    • Elaboration of service pages
    • Elaboration of the website structure and definition of the basic types of pages
    • Elaboration of the website menu
    • Elaboration of the 404 pages appearance
  • Text optimization
    • Terms of Reference for the content
    • Terms of Reference for content revision
    • Meta Tags
    • SEO prefixes
    • Text Generation
    • Product description generation

Comprehensive approach

Search engine optimization is not an enigmatic concept. It is a set of principles about what search engines want and how they rank content, which when applied to your website are proven to increase traffic.

If you order SEO promotion with us, we'll carefully analyze your site and other competitors' sites - taking into account who you are as well - then offer strategies that will most likely yield results for your business.

We create one-of-a-kind plans tailored specifically to client's needs, including detailed steps on what they should do every month until their desired results are achieved. As optimizations are executed, alterations may need to be made depending on changes in the way search engines rank sites—so adjustments can be made accordingly throughout the process until the desired outcome has been achieved.



Support Rate

From $1000
For SEO professionals who need help or verification. We will check your tasks, give advice, help draw up a work plan and answer your questions.
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Services Website

From $2000
We will help you create high-quality content, improve customer confidence and collect as much targeted traffic as possible, taking into account the features of the project’s theme
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Online Store

From $2650
We improve visibility for queries and analytics, as well as increase conversions and site quality. We provide an individual approach to b2b and b2c projects for the best results
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From $5000
For very large sites and also for anyone who is interested in the fastest results from SEO! We work with the largest volume of tasks in the shortest time possible.
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How we work

Who does the work

Senior SEO Specialist
Works on analysis and project strategy
Middle and Junior SEO Specialists
Do the tasks set by the Senior SEO Specialist
Responsible for the website
Writing texts in accordance with the terms of reference
Posts content on the website
Makes technical implementations on the website