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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of a successful SEO promotion, so make sure it's done well enough so that you can build off it in the future.

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Why are keywords necessary?

Analysis of demands
  • When you receive your full keyword research report, you’ll get to see:
  • Which of your products or services are more interesting to customers and which are not in demand;
  • For which goods/services the demand is seasonal and when the seasonal demand begins;
  • How to prioritize the development of pages and sections of the site.
Site structure and development
  • A structure based on keyword research will be more thought out and complete than the one which is created off the top of one’s head. More so, keyword research is essential if you are only planning to create a website. A site with a well-developed structure has a greater chance of successful promotion and will be better understood by the user and the search engine.
Text Relevance of Pages
  • After analyzing the results by clusters, we draw up a detailed assignment for finalizing the current content or writing a new one. As a result, the text relevance of pages increases and their ranking in search results increases.
Collection of lost traffic
  • What if we told you that your customers are missing out on your content because you forgot to create relevant pages with in-demand products/services? The keyword research will help you identify these blind spots so that you can offer your customers what they're looking for.


Ant-Team.ru Team

details about us
Alexander Chepukaitis
Head of digital agency
Kirill Agafonov
SEO Specialist
Anastasia Stasyuk
Alina Shiryaeva
Head of SEO Department
Dmitry Mazurkevich
SEO Specialist
Alexander Tibabishchev
Head of PBN Department
Anastasia Ponomareva
SEO Specialist
Anna Fesenko
SEO Specialist, PBN Expert
Anna Chechkova
Head of Analytics Department
Victoria Bondar
Denis Meshcheryakov
Head of SEO Department
Elena Volkova
SEO specialist
Irina Alyokhina
SEO specialist
Sergei Kondratov
Head of SEO Department
Sergey Kurzanov
Video Production Manager
Tatiana Kozyreva
SEO specialist
Timur Mursalimov
SEO specialist

Who Does the Keyword Research Audit?

Senior SEO Specialist
Offers solutions to unique problems, such as resource savings and work acceleration.
Project Manager
Plans and coordinates the team's work, sets the vector for collecting keywords based on the client’s words about the business type as well as any current problems with the website. Selects competitors and coordinates the beginning of each stage of work with the client.
Junior SEO Specialist
Conducts the preparation and the collection of markers and intercepts and collects the requests. Collects the frequency and sorts out the keywords, clusters in automatic and manual modes. Formats the final files.

Operating procedure

Fill out the application
Defining the task, signing of the contract and payment
Research the topic, the coordinate the markers
Intersection, parsing, cleaning, clustering
Delivery of finished project

Why us?

Specialists of different levels work on the project at the same time
More than 13 years of successful work in SEO
Access to CRM, detailed reports and feedback
No risks
All steps are thought out in advance to exclude the possibility of falling under the filter
All our projects results in successful promotion
Your site gets improved not only for search engines, but primarily for users
We offer you an individual solution that takes into account the interests of your business, rather than using ready-made, one-size-fits-all templates
Keywords will be collected from scratch specifically for your project, taking into account all your desires and priorities


  • Client 1
  • Client 2
  • Client 3
  • Objective: to collect keyword research on the theme of ‘scaffolding’.
  • Result: 740 requests and 50 clusters collected.
  • Bath complex. Objective: to collect inquiries related to sauna rental, baths and pavilions.
  • Result: 1085 keywords, 225 groups.
  • Objective: to collect keyword research on the theme of hair cosmetics.
  • Result: 18193 keywords, 6625 groups



Support Rate

From $1000
For SEO professionals who need help or verification. We will check your tasks, give advice, help draw up a work plan and answer your questions.
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Services Website

From $2000
We will help you create high-quality content, improve customer confidence and collect as much targeted traffic as possible, taking into account the features of the project’s theme
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Online Store

From $2650
We improve visibility for queries and analytics, as well as increase conversions and site quality. We provide an individual approach to b2b and b2c projects for the best results
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From $5000
For very large sites and also for anyone who is interested in the fastest results from SEO! We work with the largest volume of tasks in the shortest time possible.
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Additional Services

YMYL audit

From $170 per page
For those of you who are interested in an integrated approach, we recommend that you do an additional audit of YMYL ranking factors. That way, in addition to improving commercial factors, you will be able to increase the trust of search engines and users.
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Meta Tags Development

From $30*
We will create new meta tags or fix the old ones (title, description, h1), considering all standard SEO recommendations and audit results of commercial search ranking factors.
*20 landing pages provided that the collected keywords research is available
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Markup Review

From $85
We will check the implemented markup on the website and put together a thorough technical task for implementing the missing markup or correcting the existing markup following all current SEO standards.
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